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Butt Whoopin BBQ

Rub Trinity Multipack

Rub Trinity Multipack

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Elevate Your BBQ Game with Our Rub Trinity Multipack!

Discover the ultimate flavor trio with the Rub Trinity Multipack! This set includes our best-selling SPG Blend, versatile All-Purpose Rub, and bold Dry Heat Rub. Perfect for grilling, smoking, or roasting, each rub is crafted to enhance your favorite meats and vegetables. Unleash the full potential of your BBQ with this must-have trio!

  • SPG Blend: Classic salt, pepper, and garlic for a classic savory punch.
  • All-Purpose Rub: Sweet, savory, and smoky for any dish.
  • Dry Heat Rub: Perfectly balanced spices for mouthwatering BBQ.
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